A Brand Audit is the perfect solution for developers and managers of their own brands who are either looking for guidance in expanding it, or just looking for feedback from a professional resource. We take a good look at your existing branding, and consult on strengths and room for growth. It includes a complete review of your existing brand identity on- and offline (i.e., logo, business cards, collateral material, website, social media profiles, etc.). It’s best to send these items to us ahead of time for the most in-depth review. We will offer design recommendations, content suggestion and inspiration for future additions to your brand. Brand Audits are hosted in a one-hour phone or Skype conversation during which we will discuss our findings from your brand review as well as any challenges your brand is facing.


Photography is a crucial aspect of your new brand. The images you use throughout your new website and on any collateral or promotional material makes a major impact on how viewers regard your brand. In many cases, the best direction is to create the exact images that will drive home the brand personality we have created. In doing this, we also create images that complement the feel of your new identity perfectly, helping you put your best foot forward. We will help you come up with ideas for a photo shoot that pulls off the look we’re going for, and we will put together a Pinterest board that showcases the feeling and design that best represents your brand.



Virtual Happy Hour is our no-stress, laid-back, online coaching. We offer this service as a single session, or in weekly or monthly sessions. All sessions include a 1-hour Skype meeting, during which we discuss challenges you are facing in business and potential for growth. Virtual Happy Hour can focus on branding, web design, social media, promotions and more. To schedule your session, simply contact us, kick your feet up, grab a cocktail and tell us how we can help you develop your business!